Official selection of 2021 Almaty Indie Film Fest

It is our pleasure and privilege to announce the official selection of the 2021 Almaty Indie Film Festival.


  • All
  • 2021 Animated Short (budget under $5k USD)
  • 2021 Animated Shorts for children
  • 2021 Best Commercial
  • 2021 Best Poster
  • 2021 Best Trailer
  • 2021 Best Web Program / Web Series
  • 2021 Documentary (budget over $5k USD)
  • 2021 Documentary (budget under $5k USD)
  • 2021 Female Director Low Budget Short film (budget over $5k USD)
  • 2021 Horror / Sci-Fi Short (budget under $5k USD)
  • 2021 Low-Budget Feature (budget under $20k USD)
  • 2021 Micro-budget Short Film (budget under $5k USD)
  • 2021 Music Video (budget under $5k USD)
  • 2021 No-Budget Short Film (budget under $3k USD)
  • 2021 Short Documentary (budget under $5k USD)
  • 2021 Short low budget Film (budget over $5k USD)

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