Director: Selwin Vervoort

Country of origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Film Language:

Category: 2021 Animated Short (budget under $5k USD)

Travelling through the thoughts of Lucas, a man who is afraid of losing his masculinity after eating a pink fruit. This dialogue-free movie is about insecurity, it’s juicy and a bit erotic. Expect fast and organic movements, transitions and metamorphosis.

A MIVC St. Joost graduation film by Selwin Vervoort.


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Director Biography — Selwin Vervoort

In his artistic practice Selwin Vervoort (1992) investigates and explores the social norms and values in today’s world. This process results in animated shorts which are perceived as dynamic, organic and surreal. In 2019 he finished his Master’s degree in Animation at the Master Institute St. Joost, School of Fine Art and Design with a graduation film called Fruity.

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