Route 4

Director: Martina Chamrad

Country of origin: Germany

Country of Filming: France, Germany, Italy, Libya, Malta, Niger, Tunisia

Film Language: English, German

Category: 2021 Documentary (budget over $5k USD)

Documentary with and about the NGO Sea-Eye which was filmed over the course of 2 years, 5 Missions and 8 Countries.
Refugees tell their Story and paint the picture of a horrible journey.


Full movie

Director Biography — Martina Chamrad

Martina Chamrad is a director from Munic, Germany. She studied Communicationdesign and is currently working as a director and author in the commercial industry. Her vision with «Route 4» was to tailor a story out of the footage collection that sets the focus on the dangerous journey of the protagonists and the hell that is Libya.
Martinas parents were refugees themselves which gives her viewpoint an authentic perspective.

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