Akado by Kim Belov

Akado by Kim Belov

Director: Kim Belov. Production Budget: under 3,000 USD

No-Budget Short Film (budget under $3k USD)

A cable guy comes to customer’s apartment and meets his fate.

Director Kim Belov

Writer Kim Belov

Producer Max Volovik

Key Cast Euguney Tsyganov

Key Cast Pavel Tabakov

Key Cast Elena Nikolaeva


Director Biography — Kim Belov

Kim Belov was born in Moscow in 1979. He has learned reading at the age of 3, and quickly became a child prodigy. But growing up too rapidly he couldn’t dodge all the problems of coming of age. At the university Kim developed a drug addiction. After struggling with drugs for several years Kim started reading Bible, and it helped him escape the addiction. Now Kim works as a Director of Strategic Communications of one of the biggest Russian media companies.

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