FERRUCCIO story of a (little) robot by Stefano De Felici

FERRUCCIO story of a (little) robot

Director: Stefano De Felici. Italy. Production Budget: under 3000 USD.

Category: No-Budget Short Film (budget under $3k USD)

FERRUCCIODuccio is an inventor by vocation, and in his home workshop tries an exceptional challenge. Thanks to his determination and a bit of magic, a short circuit will create Ferruccio, a robot created by assembling contraptions that has been recycled.

Director biography.

Gets in the jurisprudence but luckily (for the courts) he won a scholarship in directing and audiovisual production. Then give up work on the right codes and start to make movies: he starts from the documentary and transmedia projects to get to advertising and television productions.
2012 “Non siamo scarti” short documentary Jury Prize Salento Finibus Terrae
2010 “Caccia Grossa” Best Documentary Cinemaitaliano Italiani Brava Gente

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