Opium War by John La Raw

Opium War by John La Raw

Director: Phil Kibbe.

Country of origin: Myanmar. 

Country of Filming: Myanmar.

Film Language: Other

Category: Documentary (budget over $5k USD)

Runtime: 52:00

In the Kachin State of Myanmar, more than half of the youth is addict on opium, sold with the help of a corrupted police. Citizens decide to fight with the dealers by themselves through a militia, but they will face not only drug dealers armed like an army, but also opium field owners or the government that doesn’t care about the Kachin state, since it’s a Catholic area in a Buddhist country.

Director Biography — John La Raw.

Born in the catholic Kachin state in Myanmar, John La Raw has been a catholic priest, a radio announcer and a writer before being a filmmaker. He shot a documentary, Opium War, that he edited during a couple of years until a 52 minutes version in 2019. Meanwhile, he mastered in filmmaking at Chungang University in Seoul and shoot his first feature Ma Ma in Myanmar, with the help of his Korean classmates.

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