The American dream by Malin Lövkvist

The American dream by Malin Lövkvist

Director: Malin Lövkvist

Country of origin: Sweden

Country of Filming: Uganda

Film Language: English

Runtime: 17 minutes 34 seconds

Category: Short Documentary (budget under $5k USD)

We follow two brothers from the slum who fell in love with skateboarding as kids. Now they struggle to spread the skateboarding culture in Uganda.
The young pioneers feel a responsibility to give the children, which they recruit to the sport, a better future. With few means of their own they turn to social media where they can market themselves, build a brand and attract donors, both for their own and the sports survival.
Could their dream even take them as far as the Olympics in Tokyo 2020?


Malin Lövkvist is a filmmaker and photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her filmmaking
career started in 2017 when she began studying documentary filmmaking.
During her time as a student she made the movie «The american dream» which was selected to
screen at the renowned Tempo Documentary festival.
Before she ventured into filmmaking she studied social anthropology, something she is using in
her creative work to navigate and make sense of the world. At the moment she is working on a
few documentary projects along side a photography project about her neighborhood in
Director, DOP, editor, producer-The American dream (2018)
FAD-The Good will (2018)
Director, B-roll, Editor- Leif-En av 1.3 miljoner (2018)

Betty Regnström Larsson is 30 years old and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She studied Art history,
Documentary film making and has a bachelor degree in Journalism. After she graduated from
university she has worked for various swedish broadcasting companies and she likes to engage in
societal issues.

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