Dot. — Everybody dances to techno by Prateek Sethi

Dot. — Everybody dances to techno by Prateek Sethi

Director: Prateek Sethi. India. Production Budget: under 5,000 USD

Music Video (budget under $5k USD)

The song is about the artist loving salsa and not finding a dancing partner whom she doesn’t fall in love with at the end of every dance.

Junglee Sher!

I am an explorer. The new excites me, the old fascinates me, the present captivates me and the future makes me smile. I am a Communication Designer. I provide a vision, direct movement and experiences but most of all make sure the ideas actually come to life.

Below is my sister, Prachi Sethi Shirodkar, co-founder at Trip, describing me:

“They say madness, cannot be cultivated, you are born with it.

Ever since he could hold a pencil, he loved to draw and he would draw anywhere! The walls, endless book covers, on bed sheets, anything with a flat surface. And the most amazing thing was, he never used an eraser! This of course was just a prelude to his boundless talent, which bloomed completely in NID, the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Since then life has been hectic! His journey  has been a mad rush of thought and action! From creating new animated characters to exploring the multimedia mix, from channel branding to graphic music videos, graffiti and as talent himself, life has been a whirlwind of new ideas and pure madness.

So what turns this guy’s brain? He loves to watch people playing video games. A born traveler, he spends his holidays traveling mostly to the mountains of the Himalaya’s and other remote territories across the world. His collection of comic books and graphic novels is astounding and the basic need for staying on top of the game is what keeps him going. He loves to listen to music and go for the occasional paint ball massacre. On the outside this guy is almost normal! But that is an illusion completely wiped out after about 20 seconds of conversation with him. 

Director Statement

The music video has been a very personal journey over the past 6 months in between project time, to do justice to the song and voice of Dot. A labour of love for the music and art of animation.

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