The Sky Between Us by Anastasia Dyakova

The Sky Between Us

Director: Anastasia Dyakova. Australia. Production Budget: under $5k USD

Animated Short (budget under $5k USD)

the sky between usThree young children are ushered into a room by a lone adult and left to their imaginations. Through the joyous innocence of the children’s fantastical games, the audience is invited to remember the wondrous nature of being a child, once more.

Director Biography

Anastasia Dyakova is a 2D animator from Melbourne, Australia. She is studying animation at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Melbourne, Australia. She moved to Melbourne from St Petersburg, Russia in 2013 to be close to the ‘sun and the ocean’ life-style Australia has to offer. Anastasia’s 1st year student film “The Home” was officially selected by 11 festivals worldwide and “The Sky Between Us” is her final film for her 2nd year as a student.

Director Statement

When I was a very young child, my God Father passed away. At his funeral, and along with three other children, I was told to wait in a small room separate from the adults, who grieved and mourned the loss of a family member apart from us. Being only 3 or 4 years of age, my young cohorts and I could not comprehend the seriousness and sombre nature of the situation. After a few, shy minutes of getting to know one another, we began to play, letting our imaginations take us far away from the dull confines of the room. When we became so engrossed in our flights of fancy that we made too much noise, a solitary and serious adult would appear at the door to shush us. It would work. For a few minutes. Although children as young as this do not fully understand death, they do feel it on some level and it is a beautiful, fragile and innocent way to experience one of life’s only certainties. I am happy to remember that day. ‘The Sky Between Us’ is my homage to this part of childhood.

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