Purple, Pink and Sand by Remko Dekker

Purple, Pink and Sand by Remko Dekker

Director: Remko Dekker

Country of origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Croatia

Film Language: Croatian, English, Ukrainian

Category: 2020 Documentary (budget over $5k USD)

A heartwarming funny film about three artists who visit an island to create paintings that they try to sell to the locals.


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Director Biography — Remko Dekker

Theatre and Film Science
University of Utrecht

Audio Visual Media
Faculty Art, Media and Technology (Hilversum)
Highschool of the Arts (Utrecht)

— ICCCR (2017)
Documentary about the Citroën World Meeting
Screened in the Cinema PATHÉ EDE

— Zuco103.Whaa.Whaa.Whaa (2011)
documentary about a brazilian crossover band from holland
IDFA ,docs for sale 2010
broadcasted (NTR) 18-12-2011 Public Dutch Television
director, camera and montage

— Iran, my Lonely Land (2006)
a documentary about young filmmakers in teheran.
IDFA (docs for sale)
Iranian Film Festival in Utrecht
director, camera and montage

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