Maraña by Brisa Pamela Sanchez

Maraña by Brisa Pamela Sanchez

Director: Brisa P. Sanchez

Country of origin: Mexico

Country of Filming: Mexico

Film Language:

Category: Animated Short (budget under $5k USD)

Tochtli, a broken rabbit that is found in the darkness of a huge forest, is persecuted for a being from which he has run away all his live, Tochtli will has to face his fears to reach the light that represents his bigger longing.

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Director Biography — Brisa P. Sanchez

Brisa P. Sanchez was born in Puebla, Mexico.
She studied Plastic Arts in Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla.
She has taken different courses of Stop Motion and has colaborated as animator in Kraneo Studio.

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