Leaf Of Faith by Alice Yu Li

Leaf Of Faith by Alice Yu Li

Director: Alice Yu Li

Country of origin: New Zealand

Country of Filming: New Zealand

Film Language: English

Category: Animated Short (budget under $5k USD)

A plant, Lilly, is brought inside an apartment which appears to be a loving home. She quickly discovers that her owner has killed every single plant he has owned before her. Lilly knows she will be the next victim if she doesn’t escape!

Director Biography — Alice Yu Li

Alice Yu Li is a student at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. She took Bachelor of Art and Design where in her final year had the opportunity to direct ​Leaf of Faith.
​ Alice has spent much of her life developing skills storytelling and art, starting initially from making comics based off her favourite books as a kid. After graduation, she intends to keep bringing ideas to life as a 3D artist.

In Alice’s spare time she likes to upcycle and craft with whatever is lying around my place. Like using paperclips to make jewelry or making cardboard sculptures out of cereal boxes.

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