A Donkey Called Geronimo by Arjun Talwar, Bigna Tomschin

A Donkey Called Geronimo by Arjun Talwar, Bigna Tomschin

Director: Arjun Talwar, Bigna Tomschin

Country of origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Denmark, Germany

Film Language: English, German

Category: Documentary (budget over $5k USD)

«Eccentric and Funny!» «Full of whimsical characters!»
«Imbued with a seductive sense of melancholy.»

The cult documentary follows a group of German sailors who built their own utopia on an island in the Baltic Sea. They had it all: endless freedom and a donkey called Geronimo – until their community fell apart. Now stranded on the mainland, the outlandish gang tries to recover from their loss, drinking and telling each others stories of a perfect paradise. Where myth and reality become one, the film offers a charming and poetic tale about human longing.

Director Biography — Arjun Talwar, Bigna Tomschin

Arjun Talwar was born in 1984 and grew up in Bombay. He left India to study Mathematics at Stanford University and later worked as mathematician, cartoonist and journalist before joining the cinematography department of the Polish Film School in Lodz. His documentaries «WHERE I CAN’T BE FOUND» and «HABITAT» both premiered at Vision du Réel in Nyon, and were acclaimed internationally. In 2015, he was nominated for the „Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Documentary Prize“ and for the „Silver Eye Award“ at Jihlava. He currently lives between Germany and Poland.

Bigna Tomschin is an editor and director from Zurich, Switzerland. She studied film at the Zurich University of the Arts. She has worked as editor on feature films and documentaries for Cinema and TV (ARTE, SRF). Never having stopped making movies herself, she founded her own production company Lo-Fi Films in 2014. Lo-Fi Films aims to produce truly independent documentary films for cinema with high stylistic value.

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