DUDKI by Gulzhan Sitakhmetova

DUDKI by Gulzhan Sitakhmetova

Director: Gulzhan Sitakhmetova Aitkalievna

Country of origin: Russia

Country of Filming: Russia

Language: Russian

Category: Music Video (budget under $5k USD)

Mad flight without time and space, where the reality, dreams, fears, and memories are intertwined with each other. Look beyond mindlessly!

Director Biography — Gulzhan Sitakhmetova Aitkalievna

My name is Gulzhan Sitakhmetova Aitkalievna, 23 years old.
I am a poet of visualization.
Director, production designer, creator.
I am living in St.Petersburg, Russia at the moment. Finished art and science high school, graduated the university with the degree in directing photography.
For me, being a director is a complete confidence in my intuition to understand the university.
I believe that for director is important to feel the space, heroes, its fear and love.

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