WIENERLAND by Jan Woletz, Stefan Polasek

WIENERLAND by Jan Woletz, Stefan Polasek

Director: Jan Woletz, Stefan Polasek

Country of origin: Austria

Country of Filming: Austria

Film Language: English

Category: Best Web Program / Web Series

“Wienerland” (working title) is a fantasy/western genre-mix exploring the boundaries of society, ethics, and perceived reality. The respective storylines, brought to life by a diverse ed cast, examine the potential aspects of inter— and intrapersonal dilemmata and are carefully interwoven to present an intricate bigger picture. The epic story is driven by elements of action, adventure, humor, and horror, as well as sex and violence. A naturalistic approach of the fantasy setting lays the ground for an affecting multi-facetted Hero’s Journey.
We accompany the young woman Atalja on her road to self-awareness as she learns life’s lessons
the hard way. She must learn that she cannot escape her responsibilities in and for her world.
To change the world, she needs to explore her inner self and question her reality, even at the risk of losing herself in the process. As her journey takes her further, the lines between “black and white” and “good and evil” fade away to reveal the true nature of “Wienerland”.
“Wienerland – The Series” brings together two genres of heroic epics, legends, and desires in a unique way. A classic western setting infused with mystical fantasy lore sets the stage for the conflict between the technologically advanced humans possessing steam engines and gunpowder, and the Otherlings’ heritage of tradition and magic. The storytelling and visual design of “Wienerland” create a tangible experience of this conflict, its participants, and their world for the audience, thereby manifesting an identity, upon which additional elements of the franchise can be built.


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