The last shift by Kristina Luninskaia

The last shift by Kristina Luninskaia

Director: Kristina Luninskaia

Country of origin: Russia

Country of Filming: Russia

Film Language: Russian

Category: Micro-budget Short Film (budget under $5k USD

Maria is a young actress, who lives on the money of her producer Boris. Kirill is her assistant, who dreams of becoming a great film director. Haphazard intrudes their evening. Unexpected and tough

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Director Biography — Kristina Luninskaia

Was born on May 29, 1990 in Kalinin (Tver), Russia.
In 2012 she graduated from the linguistic faculty of the Moscow State Open University.
In 2015 she graduated from Moscow New Cinema School, workshop of DP Oleg Lykichev.
As a director of photography she shot two feature films, two tv series, three shorts.
In 2020 she shot her debut short film «The last shift»as a film director and scriptwriter.

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