The Delivery by Yazan Al Ghazzawi

The Delivery by Yazan Al Ghazzawi

Director: Yazan Al Ghazzawi

Country of origin: Jordan

Country of Filming: Jordan

Film Language: Arabic

Category: Short low budget Film (budget over $5k USD)

Runtime: 22:00

In a troubled (fictional) Middle Eastern country, the President goes into hiding after receiving numerous threats from a rebel army faction. Mustafa, a delivery man on a tight schedule on the day of his engagement, inadvertently stumbles upon the President’s hiding place – an apartment in a run down corner of the city. He is immediately taken for an assassin, and repeatedly questioned and tortured by the fiercely loyal Captain Amin. Little do both of them know that Mustafa’s appearance is no coincidence at all.


Director Biography — Yazan Al Ghazzawi

Yazan is a film industry professional with over 10 years of experience in the field within the Middle East. Having obtained a Master’s Degree in Cinematic Arts, he has excelled throughout his career in various roles within the film industry, specifically within screenwriting. Yazan has written two feature films, and contributed to the development of scripts for several other successful regional short films, most notably through mentoring students of Imagenation’s Arab Film Studio as well as the Sharjah Arts Foundation’s Screenwriting workshop program.

Yazan is currently the Head of Film at SAE Institute Dubai, where he is responsible for the Bachelor of Film degree and students, as well as the creation and development of film short courses and workshops.

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