Seven Awkward Sex Scenes. Part One by Liene Linde

Seven Awkward Sex Scenes. Part One by Liene Linde

Director: Liene Linde

Country of origin: Latvia

Country of Filming: Latvia

Film Language: Latvian

Category: No-Budget Short Film (budget under $3k USD)

A young film director attempts to make her first film using her own sexual experience as an inspiration. As a result, the re-enactment of the awkward sex scenes gets mixed with the awkwardness of the low-budget filmmaking process.

Director Biography — Liene Linde

Liene Linde (1986) is a Latvian film director and film critic. Her short film “Fake Me a Happy New Year” (2013), also a graduation work for Latvian Academy of Culture, won prizes in several international film festivals and was awarded Latvian national film award “Lielais Kristaps”.

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