Lady Sparta by Asem Nurlanova

Lady Sparta by Asem Nurlanova

Director: Asem Nurlanova.

Country of origin: United States. 

Country of Filming: United States.

Film Language: Russian

Category: Documentary (budget under $5k USD)

31-year-old Aida Satybaldinova left her native Kazakhstan and now trains in the US to become a world champion in a professional boxing. There she was told that she was old, here she gets friends and support.

Director Biography — Asem Nurlanova.

Asem Nurlanova is Kazakh director of documentary series about famous sportsmen, Olympic champions. Her last movie «Lady Sparta» offers an intimate and unflinching portrait of Aida Satybaldinova, 31-years-old female boxer from Kazakhstan. She prepares for the most important fight in her pro career and then recoveres after the knock out. Film was shot in Los Angeles and Mexico (Tijuana).

Nurlanova’s films as a director include «Tiger’s Fate. Unknown Jirov», «Luikin’s Empire. Happy brand», «Denis Ten and Friends. Backstage of ice show», «Our Nelli Kim».

She is a member of the International Documentary Association.

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